SJMC Student Adobe CC Troubleshooting Assistance Request

IMPORTANT! Read all of this BEFORE completing this form. 

Are you experiencing issues with licensing and availability of Adobe CC products in your Adobe Account?

Even if you have already followed this documentation, please sign out of Adobe CC and back in following the steps in the documentation linked below carefully. Pay close attention to Step 4 in the documentation. Be sure to select your school account and not your personal account.

If you can login but receive an error message when attempting to install, you likely need to update your operating system.

Windows Update can be run by searching "Windows Update" in the Windows menu. A link for the update to Ventura, the most stable current release, is below. Be sure to use Safari to open this link.

The issue may be that your computer does not meet the minimum requirements.

If your Mac is older than 2015, you probably can’t install the minimum required operating system.

If your computer does not support Adobe CC, Big Sur, or the latest Windows Update, please inform your professor immediately. You may be eligible for laptop checkout.

Is your Operating System compatible with Adobe CC? *

Please use the documentation above to check your operating system before submitting this form.

Did you follow the documentation linked above before completing this form? *

Please use the documentation above before submitting this form.