The School of Journalism and Mass Communication opened a Media Innovation Lab (MILab) in Fall 2016 that provides Texas State University with a central point for a broad range of media innovation activities - scholarship, curriculum, courses, faculty development, community networking and events. The MILab tracks industry and academic shifts and recommends and develops new programs, collaborations, initiatives and technologies. The space includes a student lab,  teaching lab and maker space. Users are able to experiment with 360 video, drones, sensors and other emerging technologies and receive training in a range of digital product and social media techniques.

The MILab extends the success in digital media and innovation for which the School has long been known. Our courses emphasize skills and strategy in understanding the digital world through the lens of innovation. Students learn to effectively use social media, work with multimedia and gain valuable programming and design skills. Our faculty is committed to continuous learning and staying on the cutting edge of the intersection of technology and communication. Undergraduate students in all our programs - Journalism, Electronic Media, Advertising, Public Relations and Mass Communication - may take any of our media innovation courses to concentrate coursework in this area. Graduate students can also emphasize innovation courses to complement their experience and prior education. Innovation courses at both levels focus on skills, theory and concepts that allow students to develop critical thinking, problem-solving and a strong portfolio. Experiential learning in the form of special projects, like the project, internships and assistantships provide real-world experience.