Student Tech Recommendations

In order to make sure all students have the technology needed for our classes, the School of Journalism and Mass Communication recommends that all incoming students have or purchase a laptop computer. We also recommend that returning students have or purchase a laptop computer. 

Because we know this is a challenging time for many students and families, we are including two levels of laptop computers. The minimum recommended specifications are listed below: 

  • Power User Specs: 14” or 16" Macbook Pro with M3 Pro or M3 Max chip, 18GB Unified Memory, 1TB SSD Storage*
  • Essential Specs: 14” or 16" Macbook Pro with M3 chip, 16GB Unified Memory, 512GB SSD Storage

*It is recommended that DMI and Electronic Media students go with the higher specs, if possible.

Please Note: None of these specs can be updated after purchase.

You may wish to customize a Macbook Pro with the above-recommended specs and purchase from the Apple Store with an education discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other Considerations

  • Many of the traditional book costs within our courses have been replaced with digital resources such as Adobe Creative Cloud software and LinkedIn Learning tutorials. LinkedIn is available for free to current students.
  • Most of the work in our courses require technology beyond just the basics (word processing, note-taking, research), requiring more computing power, memory and hard disk space.
  • All mass communication degrees are programs in which students learn to make media. They will learn to tell stories for audiences using the appropriate tools and technologies 
  • We teach current tools and technologies that allow students to develop assignments and projects for a portfolio of work that will help them get a job after graduation.
  • This configuration was recommended to assure that all students have sufficient technology and a consistent experience in all our courses. 
  • In an increasingly virtual and remote learning/workforce world, students must be able to work on technology wherever they are, so having access to mobile technologies is more important than ever. 
  • This technology will be able to go with students when they graduate, taking along with them all their assignments and projects in one, organized place/device. This will allow them to continue exercising the ideas, concepts and skills they learned in our program after graduation and into their careers.