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SJMC believes in providing unique opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to enrich their learning and career development experiences. Discover the World of Opportunities Awaiting You Abroad and in the U.S.! 

Study In America

January 2024

  • New York (Page Coming Soon)

August 2024

  • Seattle (Page Coming Soon)

Education Abroad

Application Deadline: February 1, 2024

Summer II - 2024

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Coming soon for 2025

  • Academic Requirements


      • Students typically study in a foreign country taking classes taught by Texas State faculty over a summer term (typically four-five weeks) on a university campus. Students and faculty live in student housing. 


      • Students typically participate in one week of intensive on-campus instruction then typically study abroad for approximately two weeks. Instruction abroad is not in a traditional classroom setting, but instead completed through media and cultural visits each day under the direction of Texas State faculty. Students and faculty reside in hotels while abroad.