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Study in America - Seattle 2024

PR Presidential Debate Courses

Study in America: Seattle 2024

Travel Dates: 08/04/24- 08/10/24

Join us for a week-long career exploration trip that will take students inside the headquarters of global corporations and local landmarks in beautiful Seattle, Washington. Exposure to leading public relations and communications pros will keep students current on latest developments in the industry and provide insight on how to land a job in a major market. Networking with industry leaders and alumni solidify contacts and connections for our students seeking professional experience in prominent media markets. In our free time we will explore tourist sites and even spend a day hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


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Debra Price, Jennifer Scharlach,

2024 Presidential Debate PR Courses

Public Relations Courses: Presidential Debate

The first presidential debate is being hosted on the Texas State campus In September, and PR students have the chance to work directly on special events, strategic campaigns and media relations by taking classes in the summer or fall. Check out the list below to see how you can boost your resume with these great experiential learning opportunities!


Summer 2024 Classes (Summer 1):

MC 4320 PR Campaigns with Debra Price (strategic planning)

MC 4320 PR Campaigns with Jennifer Scharlach (special events)

These two sections of PR Campaigns will focus on strategic planning to boost student engagement and special events for the presidential debate.


Fall 2024 Classes:

MC 4332 PR Fundraising and Event Planning  with Jennifer Scharlach

Students will get hands-on experience implementing events and activities surrounding the debate in September.

Meeting time: M 9:30-10:50 a.m. (Face-to-face)

Prerequisite: MC 3343 and MC 3313 with a grade of C or better

4376G Media Relations with Debra Price

Students will delve into media relations for the debate and gain exposure to media who will be coming to campus from across the country.

Meeting time: MW 2-3:20 p.m. (Face-to-face)

Prerequisite: Either MC 3313 OR MC 1313 with a grade of C or better


Note: Fall classes on event planning and media relations require instructor approval; students should complete this interest form below by April 10.

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