Facilities and Open Labs

Live Oak Hall building

Live Oak Hall

Live Oak Hall, a new addition to Texas State University, is a state-of-the-art facility designed to enhance the College of Fine Arts and Communication's capabilities. This $10 million, 10,291-square-foot building houses a film sound stage, TV studio, recording mix classroom, editing lab, and Foley room for sound effects.

Live Oak is home to the "Bobcat Update" newscast, with green screen technology, surround sound capabilities, and a live broadcast streaming setup.

Open Lab 106A

The Open Lab in Old Main 106A offers a comprehensive, state-of-the-art computing environment for students and faculty, supporting faculty-led instruction and student learning.

The lab is equipped with extensive software tools catering to various academic and creative needs. This includes the full suite of Adobe Products and Microsoft Office. Additionally, it features a variety of other essential software like Python, RStudio, QGIS, Tableau, and XCode, covering a wide range of functionalities from data analysis and coding to graphic design and video editing.

The Open Lab is designed to be an inclusive space, accessible to all students and faculty members, aiming to enhance their technological proficiency and project capabilities in a modern computer lab setting.

students in lab
a professor helps a student

C3 Center

The Center for Communication, Collaboration & Creativity (C3) within the College of Fine Arts and Communication, supports faculty in obtaining grants and advancing interdisciplinary projects. 

C3 unites faculty and student scholars and artists in dynamic teams to tackle contemporary communication challenges and nurture artistic expression. With a focus on research creativity, innovation, and community engagement, C3 transcends academic boundaries to cultivate a culture of externally funded scholarship and creative activity. 

Emphasizing cooperative endeavors, the Center enhances the university's research profile and contributes significantly to the academic and cultural landscape, aligning with Texas State's strategic goals of educational excellence and community development.

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