Employer Internship Resources

For a student to become an Internship for your organization, the supervisor must complete the Employer Internship Agreement. Employers must complete the Student Evaluation at the end of their internship for the student to receive credit. 

Employers seeking interns for a semester or multiple semesters may request to have a posting on our Internship website. If your organization would like to have a listing on our website, please review the Employer Guidelines and complete the Employer Inquiry Form. The internship coordinator will review your posting to be sure we have all the required information and we will either inform you of missing information or that your position has been posted. If you have any questions feel free to email Charles Kaufman (ck17@txstate.edu)

Employer Guidelines

  • - The internship position must be approved by the Internship Coordinator. The employer is asked to prepare a job description on company letterhead to submit for approval. Responsibilities must be beyond the scope of the "average” part-time or temporary job.
  • - The internship must be scheduled for a minimum of 180 hours for a 3-credit-hour course, 150 hours for a 2-credit-hour course, and 100 hours for a 1-hour-credit course.
  • - The internship may be either paid or non-paid. This will be determined by the student and the supervising company.
  • - The internship must provide ample opportunities for student to produce work samples that are worthy of review by future employers.
  • - The student must submit progress reports which include information about the company and the internship experience to the Internship Coordinator. The supervisor is asked to ensure that the intern has access to the information needed to complete these reports, including: an analysis of the history of the company; mission, vision, goals and objectives; and leadership styles; the student’s job responsibilities and learning objectives for the internship; and other topics. Company financial information is NOT a required component of the report.
  • - The supervisor is asked to complete an evaluation of the intern’s performance, which take part in the internship grade.

Employer FAQs

  • First, you must make sure that your position meets our internship guidelines. Next, fill out an employer inquiry form. Once your posting has been reviewed, and if approved by the internship coordinator, we will post it to our website and you will receive a confirmation email.

  • If you wish to update your posting, you'll need to send in a new employer inquiry form and job description. If you want your posting to be deleted, you'll need to email us at ck17@txstate.edu requesting that it be deleted.

  • We do not place students in internship positions. Students will submit their resume and/or company application to the companies they are interested in, just as if searching for a job. You will invite your choice of candidates for interviews and make the final selection. 

  • The internship does not have to be a paid position but it certainly can be; it is completely at the discretion of the company. Keep in mind, however, that paid internships are typically filled more quickly than non-paid ones. There may also be special (federal labor) legal considerations should an internship be unpaid, so if you don't intend to pay your intern(s) we recommend you consult with your HR and/or legal department to ensure there aren't any issues with you having an unpaid intern doing employee-like activities. Ultimately the decision on whether a pay an intern is completely up to you. An internship is a learning experience, but we also hope our students add value to your company during the time they work for you, and if that's the case our hope is they can be compensated for adding value. Keep in mind, too, that compensation can take many forms. It may be an hourly wage, a defined salary, a stipend, bonus upon completion, or any combination of those. Students are generally appreciative of any form of reasonable compensation and/or benefits.

  • Because our internship guidelines require that our for-credit internships must be beyond the scope of the typical part-time or temporary job, we ask that you ensure that your intern's responsibilities are similar to those of an entry-level employee. Additionally, we ask that you confirm your intern has met the required minimum number of hours and work weeks during the semester and also complete their end-of-semester evaluation. 

  • The internship must be scheduled for a minimum of 180 hours for a 3-credit-hour course, 150 hours for a 2-credit-hour course, and 100 hours for a 1-hour-credit course. 

Need More Information?

Contact the Internship Coordinator regarding internships.