Take skills learned in the classroom and put them to use in the workplace. Internships offer an experience that will boost your career. Make time in your schedule for internships. The more practical experience you receive the better prepared you will be for starting your career. Also, internships offer an opportunity to network with professionals and fellow interns.

The internship enables students to receive experience in the work place for one-, two-, three hours of course credit. Students may pursue any internship listed on the Internships Postings page and the TxState SJMC Internships, Careers Facebook page. All other opportunities should be discussed and approved through Mr. Kaufman, the internship coordinator (

All students working an internship for course credit must complete an Internship Application, Student Agreement and have the Internship Supervisor fill out the Organization agreement, all available on the Internship Resources page. Turn in this paperwork. Once your application receives approval, you will receive an email advising that you’ve been cleared to register for your course.

Employer Resources

Student Resources

Internship Requirements:

  • - The School of Journalism and Mass Communication now requires at least one hour of course credit for media experience. Students are eligible for a total of six credit hours during their undergraduate careers. Hours taken beyond the required one hour count as advanced electives.
  • - The internship position must be approved by the internship coordinator.
  • - Internship credit is allowed only for students who secure approval for their internship prior to beginning work with their supervising company.
  • - The internship may be either paid or non-paid. This will be determined by the student and the supervising company.
  • - The student intern must submit all required reports in a timely manner to the course instructor: Internship Application AND Employer Agreement
  • - Must be full-status SJMC majors, which means they must successfully complete the Introduction to Mass Communication course.
  • - Students should complete a basic skills course (Writing for Mass Media course, broadcast production) before accepting an internship in which such skills are expected. Use your judgment.
  • - Must be in good academic standing (at least a 2.0 Texas State GPA) and full-major in the SJMC to receive MC course credit for doing an internship.
  • Students must receive credit the semester they are doing the internship as retroactive credit is not awarded.

Need More Information?

Check our Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Internship Coordinator regarding internships.