About our Organization

Texas State University is proud to have an award-winning chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). PRSSA is a national pre-professional organization for students interested in public relations. It provides students with opportunities to enhance their education, broaden their professional network, and explore career options in the field of public relations. The organization offers various resources, events, and activities, including conferences, workshops, and scholarships, to help students develop their skills and knowledge in public relations and enhance their academic experience.

2024-2025 Officers

  • President—Serenity Mixon btn25@txstate.edu
  • Vice President—Jessica Salazar jvs38@txstate.edu
  • Vice President for Communication—Emma Vega emma.m.vega@txstate.edu
  • Vice President for Professional Development—Haley Ibarra h_i11@txstate.edu
  • Vice President for Digital Media—Emily Codina emilycodina@txstate.edu
  • Vice President for Member Services—Hannah Prince ngl21@txstate.edu
  • Vice President for Finance—Megan Kim afz14@txstate.edu
  • Faculty advisor: Paul Villagran, pdv11@txstate.edu