Electronic Media


Picture yourself in the heart of live action, where every moment counts, and your skills come to life in real-time. Embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of electronic media at Texas State University, where learning is not just about textbooks—it's a thrilling, hands-on experience.

About Our Program

At the School of Journalism and Mass Communication's electronic media program, our mission is to empower students to navigate this dynamic landscape and skillfully craft messages that resonate with diverse audiences. We go beyond traditional boundaries, guiding students to not only understand the mechanics of electronic media but also to harness its power to convey impactful narratives, fostering a new generation of communicators who can navigate and contribute to the ever-evolving electronic information ecosystem.

Classes You'll Take

From learning the art of editing to stepping into the shoes of a live news director, our curriculum is designed to ignite your passion and fuel your creativity. Be ready to explore, innovate, and bring your vision to life as you dive into a hands-on learning experience that transcends the ordinary.

Electronic media Careers

Graduates can enter the work world as reporters, producers and behind-the-scenes decision-makers, just to name a few of the many options available. Among the alumni are news directors, a CNN correspondent, radio program directors, the Spurs video production crew, talk show hosts, web editors, news anchors, podcasters, producers, photographers, reporters. Other former students have joined the ranks of the corporate world, earned law degrees or become educators.

    • Assignment Editor
    • Film Editor
    • Production Management
    • Broadcast Technician
    • Floor Manager
    • Program Director
    • Critic
    • Lighting Director
    • Scriptwriter
    • Director
    • News Director
    • Sound Mixer
    • Disc Jockey
    • Newscaster
    • Sports Director
    • Editor
    • Producer
    • Station Manager
    • Engineer
    • Production Design

Lights, Camera, Connection

Whether it's delivering news, broadcasting live from sporting events,  hosting entertainment segments, or sharing insights on radio or television, our student media organizations empower students to take the spotlight and shape their own narrative in the exciting world of broadcasting. Where Live Happens Now.

Student working on a tv production


The faculty in our program don't just come with robust academic credentials; they bring a wealth of experience gained over many years as seasoned professionals in the field of electronic media. By sharing their real-world experiences, our faculty enrich the learning environment, providing valuable insights, industry perspectives, and a tangible connection to the ever-evolving landscape of professional communication. 

Ready to join Electronic Media?

Explore the degree options, courses, faculty, and many opportunities available to students who study electronic media at Texas State University.