School of Journalism and Mass Communication Internship Application

This application must be complete AND the Supervisor must complete the Employer Internship Agreement in order to receive a course override that will allow you to register for your internship course. You must complete an application for each internship course you are taking.

You must be a full-status SJMC major, which means you must successfully complete the Introduction to Mass Communication course. You must also be in good academic standing (at least a 2.0 Texas State GPA) to receive MC course credit for doing an internship.


Available options include: 

MC4130 (1 hour, min. 100 hours of work during the semester) 

MC4230 (2 hours, min. 150 hours of work during the semester) 

MC4330 (3 hours, min. 180 hours of work during the semester)

MC5330 (3 hours, min. 180 hours of work during the semester)

Must be a full-status SJMC major to apply
Number of Credits Requested for the Internship *
You cannot receive more than 6 credit hours total for all internships as an undergraduate
Min. 100 hrs/semester
Min. 150 hrs/semester
Min. 180 hrs/semester
Min. 180 hrs/semester
Semester *

Internship Agreement

I agree to work as an intern at the above named organization at the agreed-on schedule. *
I have been informed of and agree to the duties, responsibilities, and nature of the work. Credit for the internship is graded as A, B, C, D or F. Students may receive an Incomplete (I) until required Internship materials are submitted. I understand that evaluation will be done by the internship coordinator as described in the internship policy. *

For more information, contact Chuck Kaufman, Internship Coordinator, at 

You will not be able to register for an internship class until this form has been submitted along with the Employer Internship Agreement by the Supervisor. You will be notified by email that you are clear to register for the course.